Comparison between PoE wired smart doorbell and wireless doorbell

Basically, there are three types of smart doorbell available in the market; wireless smart doorbell, battery powered wire-free, PoE smart doorbell. Wireless smart doorbell can connect to network through Wi-Fi and needs to be powered by AC/DC transformer, PoE smart doorbell utilizes Power over Ethernet technology enables doorbell to work with single Ethernet cable. Getting to know their features and pros and cons can help us to choose the right product meet our own requirements.

Wireless smart doorbell: smart doorbell can connect to the network through Wi-Fi, most smart doorbells only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, don’t support 5GHz. The wireless smart doorbell needs to connect power supply either from a AC/DC power adapter or AC24V transformer.

Wire-free smart doorbell: smart doorbell adopts ultra-low power consumption hardware design and has rechargeable battery built-in. It also connects to the network through Wi-Fi, supports completely wire-free installation.

PoE smart doorbell: smart doorbell can connect to the network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, getting power supply via Ethernet.

1# Pros and Cons of PoE smart doorbell vs Wire-free/Wireless smart doorbell

Both PoE and wireless smart doorbells can offer basic doorbell and video monitoring functions. The main differences are the way how smart doorbell connects to the network and how it receives power. The following part will explain their benefits and drawbacks respectively.

2# Pros of PoE smart doorbell

  • Long distance: PoE supports maximum 100 meters distance, the PoE smart doorbell can be installed in places where Wi-Fi can not reach.
  • Reliable and stable connection: Ethernet can provide more reliable connection than Wi-Fi, wired smart doorbells including PoE doorbells are not susceptible to interference and jamming from wireless signals due to the physical wired connection.
  • Constant video: wired smart doorbells including PoE smart doorbells support continuous real-time video streaming, constant high video quality with low video latency since Ethernet provides max. 100Mbps network bandwidth. 
  • Video 24/7: PoE smart doorbell can deliver constant video stream and support 24 hours video recording. 
  • Maintenance-free: PoE smart doorbell uses PoE technology, the doorbell will be online so long as the electrical grid of the building remains sound.

3# Cons of PoE smart doorbells

  • Complex installation: Since the installation of PoE smart doorbell requires connection, the installation is more complex than the counterpart, especially when the place has no Ethernet cable, then professional installation is most likely necessary. 
  • Lack of flexibility: After PoE smart doorbell has been installed, it cannot be easily relocated. 

4# Pros of wireless smart doorbells

  • Do-it-yourself installation: it’s very simple to install wireless smart doorbell as long as electricity can be easily accessed (e.g., the place has an electricity outlet).  There is no need to run network cables behind the walls.
  • High flexibility: can be relocated or redeployed easily

5# Cons of wireless smart doorbell

  • Short distance: depending on installation environment and the Wi-Fi coverage, the distance is much shorter than wired network connection. Obstacles will significantly reduce Wi-Fi signal and metal doors will completely block the signal.
  • Unstable performance: Wi-Fi is vulnerable to signal interference and jamming. It’s more opt to lose connection.
  • Power cut: intruders can cut the wire because wireless smart doorbell still needs to run cable to obtain power.

6# Pros of wire-free (battery powered) smart doorbells

  • Easy to install: completely wire-free, no wires to run and no wired connection, do-it-yourself installation, no drilling holes if using double sided tape. 
  • High flexibility: portable smart doorbell can be redeployed easily, great flexibility.
  • No wire to cut: no wires, no power supply, no chance for intruders to cut the wire because there is none. 

7# Cons of wire-free (battery powered) smart doorbell

  • Unstable connection: it’s prone to lose connection when Wi-Fi signal becomes weak or encountering interference. 
  • Unable to transmit 24 hours video stream: hibernate design, impossible to deliver video stream and record video in 24/7 manner.
  • Frequent maintenance: typically, battery runs for 2-3 months, need to be charged regularly. If the battery drains completely, then it needs to be replaced.


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