How to add wireless home alarm system to work with Alexa/Echo

If you’re searching for wireless home alarm system supports voice control via smart speakers, you may consider G106 smart burglar alarm system. Relying on GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi/Internet communication, it’s an advanced security system that not only notifies users through instant push notifications, but also short text message (SMS) and auto-dialing phone call. The system supports five preset phone number to receive the alarm notification. This redundant design ensures the system to provide reliable notification especially nowadays users are bombarded by push notifications.

Internet communication enables it to be accessed or controlled remotely through smartphone anywhere anytime. You’re able to use app to arm the system when you’re away from home, and disarm the system before enter inside your house. Furthermore, this system can be integrated into your smart speaker to support voice control. Currently, it supports the rival smart speakers including Alexa/Echo, Google Home.

How to add wireless home alarm system to Alexa?

Before adding it to Amazon Alexa, it should be hooked on your Wi-Fi router and has Internet accessibility. To do this, you need to download the free smart home automation app - Tuyasmart or Smart Life. Tap “+” icon to add the alarm panel, and ensuring that your smartphone connects to the same Wi-Fi as the one device is going to link. Typing the password of Wi-Fi, then wait around 59 seconds to let device establish the connection.

After it has been added successfully, you may change its name for easy remembering and only use English name, do not use other language. The next, ensuring your Alexa smart speaker is online and connects to the same Wi-Fi router. If it has not been configured, please follow instructions provided by Alexa to setup.

Alexa Echo Skills and Games

Run and logon your Alexa app, Tap “Skills & Games” in the Alexa app menu, then search “App Name”, tap “Enable” to enable the skill. It will navigate to link account page where you should enter your account and password.

Alexa Skills App Name

Enter your account info which is used to login Tuyasmart or Smart Life app, then tap “Link Now” to link your app account to enable the skill. After you complete this procedure, you have done all steps to setup, and can enjoy the voice control.

Alexa echo link tuyasmart/smart Life app

    Now you’re able to speak to your Amazon echo to control the device, for example, you can control your alarm system with the following commands:
  • Alexa, please watch out my home.
  • Alexa, please turn on my alarm system
  • Alexa, please turn off my alarm system


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