Very happy with fast delivery, video quality and ease of instal
I received the yoosee doorbell camera in 5days by DHL shipping, Easy install and works great. Took a few tries to update firmware but eventually got it to work.
K Sed, United States Jan 10, 2020
Good value for money
I'm very happy with this doorbell so far. The motion detection is very sensitive and sometimes it triggers with heavy rain or insects flying around. It works fine in my case because it is not facing the street directly. In my opinion it looks better than the Ring. Better price, delivery is fast. Image quality is average and night vision works well.
John talkmore, Canada Jan 10, 2020
High Quality Video Door Bell with 1080P HD Recording
I like that the installation is fairly simple. The video quality is very good, and accurate PIR motion detection with push notification to my phone. Clear two way audio talk.
Jason stuart, TX Jan 10, 2020
It looks good
Just installed the SD-M5 yoosee smart doorbell camera, It looks good, Installation was relatively easy, and it came with everything necessary to install it in several different conditions.
Girenas, Marijampole LITHUANE Jan 05, 2020
The doorbell camera supports unlock function, both wifi and Ethe
The doorbell camera supports unlock function, both wifi and Ethernet cable connection, easy to use, Nice looking, good performance.
Clayton Twigg, United States Dec 17, 2019
Really impressed with the video quality
Really impressed with the video quality.
Sergey Karakhanyan, Hallandale USA Nov 17, 2019
Colour selection
How can I select the colour?
Tom Hardy, Kuala Lumpur Nov 27, 2018
Like Yoosee cameras&app
I'm the loyal client of yoosee cameras, firstly we use 2cu app, then we use yoosee, like this p/t cam, yoosee app becomes great!
Andre Khristo EL Khoury, CELIS Sep 11, 2018
Will be buying more soon
Like this p/t camera, it works great! Must have for indoor video monitoring, image quality is pretty good, pan and tilt rotation is smooth!!!
Pedro, Madrid Aug 26, 2015
A great shopping experience!
I LOVE IT!!!! I just started residency. and if you are a doctor, you know what that means,... crazy busy hours. So as a new mom, i felt bad not being able to check on my baby..but thanks to this product, i am worry free.. It is very simple and easy to use. Someone in this review forum posted up some guidelines which you can use, but i thought their manual was helpful and was confused when people commented they didn't understand it. I am not tech smart.. like at all.. so if i can figure it out, everyone can. I haven't used the other features like phone calling etc... i just use it to check on my baby from work every now and then and talk to him so he can hear my voice and reply :) and for those purposes, this products works very well.
Sarah, New York Aug 26, 2015